Why Us

You don’t have to sacrifice luxury to have a green home

Is a green home less attractive or luxurious than a traditional one? Not at all! Green homes are luxury homes. Green homes today offer the ultimate in comfort and style. By partnering with us, you’ll have a beautiful home that achieves your aesthetic goals as well as enhances your family’s health and the environment.
Luxurious. Comfortable. Healthy. Pure water. Your home. We’ll show you how to create it.

A luxury HOME

Building a luxury home is about celebrating your vision and style, maximizing comfort, and reducing toxins. We’ll help you build a high performance home using green construction methods that reflect your interests and design preferences.

Recent advancements in building science have turned the way construction professionals think about green building technology on its head. Our research team stays up-to-date on emerging trends and will advise you on best practices for keeping your home naturally cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter while reducing toxins and lowering energy costs. We provide homeowners with access to our database of green building products designed to meet sensitivity, performance, aesthetic and budgetary requirements.



We are a boutique green building consulting firm that helps homeowners create luxurious, sustainable homes. Our approach is founded on these five core principles:

Independent focus

Drawing on our extensive expertise with green building, we lend unbiased support and guidance designed to meet and exceed your expectations.

Be transparent

In today’s world of ever changing green construction techniques, transparency wins. We’ve seen time and again how a few simple steps can dramatically increase comfort and reduce toxins. If one key step is all you need, we’ll tell you so.

Environmental awareness

We believe every homeowner should consider green homes when undertaking home construction. The typical home stands for 50-100 years. The environment 50 years from now will be much different than today so now is the time to make your home more sustainable.

Expect actionable solutions

We provide simple, proven strategies for achieving healthy, comfortable homes that don’t require lengthy certification processes and their costs. There’s no need for a heavy numbers game to identify the key steps to achieving your goals.

Flexible engagement

How we engage is a function of what homeowners and their design teams need. We adapt our guidance to make sure we’re part of the solution, providing the right deliverables when you need them.