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Water Purification: Creating a Healthy Home

Water purification—it’s the topic on all my clients’ minds.  Do you worry about lead or other contaminants affecting your family? Perhaps you enjoy the sweetness and health benefits of more alkaline water. Buying organic produce? Why not wash it with pure water? Whole house and point-of-use water purification systems can be custom designed to address these concerns and preferences.

Although we have quite good water quality by official measures here in the Westchester/Fairfield county area, there is reason to be concerned about chemical contaminants.

The decay of the aging public water system is well-documented.  Local testing in the NY metropolitan area has revealed some instances of unsafe lead levels.   Regulations specify and set limits for a short list of certain contaminants—but there are tens of thousands that are not regulated.  What about fertilizer runoff into our reservoirs and the pharmaceuticals in treated sewage that is returned to surrounding bodies of water?

Systems can be designed to remove sediments, chlorine, and chemicals.  Beneficial minerals are added back to the water before it is used for drinking, cooking, or bathing. For more information on our services visit

Virtually all of my clients have installed water purification systems during renovation or construction. I recommend that you consider it during your next home project.

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