As concerns about water quality grow, more homeowners are installing water purification systems. These range from single point use reverse osmosis systems to whole house systems and various combinations of these and other systems to supply drinking water, for bathing and more. A water purification system can be designed to remove sediment, chlorine, and/or various chemicals as well as to make the water more alkaline for health reasons. Green Home Consulting identifies the client’s water related objectives and recommends a purification system to meet those goals.



As homeowners have increased their focus on health, they have become more concerned with what is in their water, particularly after recent negative press. While some of the pollutants are in the water supply when supplied by the local municipality, others may come from the plumbing supply lines. Copper pipes were once used exclusively for home supply lines. As the cost rose and the environmental impact of mining became better understood, people switched to PEX and other alternatives. Green Home Consulting advises on the tradeoffs of supply line materials.

Low-flow plumbing fixtures have become commonplace. Green Home Consulting can advise on which low-flow fixtures are the most important and which work best as compared to traditional fixtures.