Maximize energy efficiency in the three buildings on the property that is owned by this not-for-profit institution.

Wainwright House is a “center for enlightened living” with three early 1900’s buildings totaling about 20,000 square feet in constant use for classes, retreats, functions and weddings. As a Trustee of the Board, Judy Martin was asked to find a low cost way to increase energy efficiency throughout the facility. She implemented nearly $340,000 of efficiency measures including HVAC and hot water generating equipment upgrades, conversion from oil to gas, lighting changes to LEDs, duct cleaning and sealing, overall air sealing and the installation of tremendous amounts of green insulation. She also switched Wainwright to a low cost green ESCO (Energy Services Company) for its electricity and natural gas supply. The difference in comfort is quite noticeable as are significant energy cost savings estimated to be $34,000 annually.

For non-profits, the challenge is always a source of funds to pay for any capital investment. Judy worked with Wainwright to enable it to access a low-cost 20-year PACE (Property Accessed Clean Energy) loan which paid for 100% of the expenditures. Nearly $20,000 of incentives from Con Edison also were accessed to reduce the cost of the project.

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