When we decided to renovate and expand the home we’d lived in for 8 years, our goal was to create the most energy efficient, green home possible while making cost effective choices and with low future operating costs. One of our first steps was to hire Judy Martin of Green Home Consulting whom we call our “Queen of Green”.

Judy added significant value with the experience and broad ranging expertise she brought to the renovation process. At the outset, she provided a detailed “green” checklist of best practices. Going forward, she was involved in weekly decisions large and small from reviewing architectural plans to geothermal HVAC and solar systems to lighting. Judy’s relationships with top quality “green” subcontractors greatly enhanced our project.”


Jay Sears Rye, New York

Judy Martin of Green Home Consulting was paramount in helping us create a green home! Her personal attentiveness was so important to the process and we were so happy to have her expert advice. We gutted a 70 year old classic home and used a geothermal heating system as well as green windows and other materials to create a wonderful environment. Whenever we had questions on how to achieve what we were looking for Judy was always available to discuss or meet with us directly. She also met with our builder as well as vendors (HVAC, insulation, etc.) to help us in any way that she could. Judy recommended various vendors who had the most experience in the “green” fields in the area who she thought could best do the job. All in all we were extremely happy with Judy’s assistance and feel that she offered professional, personal and quality services! We would recommend Judy and Green Home Consulting anytime.”


J.C.B, Harrison, New York

We recently had the opportunity to work with Judy as part of our family’s project to build an accessible, energy efficient home. Throughout the whole process, Judy added incredible value. At the beginning of the project, she provided us an overview of the range of options to make a home more energy efficient. She is extremely knowledgeable on building a green home…she remains up to date on the latest government programs and rebates and is constantly monitoring trends and events on planning and building green homes. She helps you think through as little or as much as you want. For example, she can help you evaluate macro decisions like the type of energy source and system to use in your home, but she can also help you think about what type of siding or exterior material will have the smallest environmental impact. Judy is incredibly well entrenched in the green home space and has relationships with a range of terrific vendors who are a pleasure to work with.

Our goal was to ensure that we had the most energy efficient house possible. Judy helped us get to the tightest building envelope, helped us evaluate the investment and return of various heating and cooling systems and always thought about our project as if she owned the house. We have now lived in the house for a few months and we are amazed at how low our energy bills are due to the efficient HVAC systems, green insulation and energy efficient windows that we put in our home. Judy also helped us take advantage of government rebates and explained to us the criteria we needed to meet in order to qualify. She is proactive…and called us on a number of occasions to keep us informed on changing regulations which would have an impact on our ability to take advantage of government programs.

In addition to her knowledge and expertise, Judy is incredibly responsive, easy to work with and takes care to educate her clients so that they can make smart building decisions. She truly wants the best for her clients…she lays out the options, gives you her recommendation –but understands that the ultimate decision is in the client’s hands. She is extremely diplomatic and professional — she is a true advocate for her clients and is willing to negotiate with vendors if she doesn’t feel like you are getting the best service and value.

Judy is truly a different kind of advisor and expert…she believes in the work that she does and lives her life in a green way each day. We were truly fortunate to have worked with Judy…she helped us build a wonderful, energy efficient home. If we ever undertake another home building or home construction project again…no matter how big or small, we would absolutely have Judy on the team.”


Pat L. Mamaroneck, New York

When we decided to purchase a home in Larchmont, we quickly realized that much of the area’s housing consisted of older homes that were unlikely to have the latest technology in energy efficiency. When we purchased our house, we wanted to identify areas of improvement that would have a meaningful impact on our lifestyle and comfort while also offering financial savings with a reasonable payback period. There was no shortage of contractors all claiming to be knowledgeable in the “green” technology space. After multiple conversations with various people the one name that continually surfaced was Judy Martin of Green Home Consulting.

After our first meeting, we immediately saw a difference in Judy’s approach. As someone who’s been working in this space for over 4 years, Judy has informed opinions about proven technologies as opposed to pushing the “latest” concept. She is independent and has extensive knowledge across multiple areas including design, electrical, insulation and heating and cooling. This is reflected in her approach, where Judy will review the totality of alternatives and then work to select and prioritize the recommended modifications. In addition to consulting, Judy has an extensive network of proven and tested contractors with whom she has worked and trusts. In our case, we elected to focus on insulation and A/C installation, both of which we have been extremely happy with from both a service and performance perspective.

Where the project investment and returns can be substantial, we found Judy’s expertise, client service, and relationships to be a huge part of our successful renovation work. Now that we’re done with the first phase of our work, we look forward to continuing our work with Judy as we explore other areas of renovation / modification.”


Marc A. Larchmont, New York

My house is warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer in spite of not having central air conditioning. And my house was difficult to work in, because it’s made of hollow tile and concrete. The blown in insulation has helped a lot.”


Fran C. New Rochelle, New York

We worked with Green Home Consulting and Judy Martin to install solar panels and better insulate our home. Judy’s extremely knowledgeable and has great suggestions and contacts. We couldn’t be happier with the results and recommend Judy most highly.”


Cindy S. Mamaroneck, New York