Construct a dream home with the twin goals of healthy home combined with energy efficiency.  One unique aspect of the project is the need for attenuation of occasional but significant exterior sound from a nearby airport.

Green Home Consulting was brought into the project after the house was framed and partially enclosed.  We initially focused on the thermal tightness of the building envelope, part of which includes window choices.  We also discussed key considerations regarding “green” insulation choices and presented the new building science relating to where and how much insulation for optimal results.  Insulation and window discussions included the need to achieve a significant barrier to external noise.

On our advice, the client re-visited their heating and cooling system choice and ultimately chose to install a geothermal system, which met their needs and simplified this key system. The HVAC system choice often affects decisions regarding the production of domestic hot water on which GHC also advised.

Given the goal of a “healthy home”, GHC provided recommendations for green building materials and water purification systems.  GHC meets periodically with the General Contractor to provide solutions to questions that arise during the ongoing construction process.