Green Materials

Homeowners have come to realize that the toxins given off by the materials in their homes can negatively affect their health and that of their families both in the near term in the form of allergic reactions and in the long run with other health issues. Many known carcinogens such as formaldehyde are contained in commonly used building materials. Some materials become less toxic after a few days but are highly toxic in a fire. Others have a huge impact on the overall environment when manufactured or when disposed of.

Because of demand created by these concerns, an ever-increasing number of green materials are available in nearly every CSI (Construction Specifications Institute) category. End-users are also demanding and receiving more content and production details from manufacturers. As more green materials are produced, the price of many has declined. Very often green materials are more durable than traditional materials, offsetting small price differentials.

Clients need not choose to use only green materials; they may choose to be a different “shade of green” and we will support that approach to a healthier home. Green Home Consulting accesses a variety of databases to provide green materials specifications to clients and their design and construction teams.