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Green Homes Offer a New Level of Efficiency, Comfort

Excerpt from Greenwich Time, click here for full article: “Is there such a thing as a purely green home, or is it merely an ideal to which developers, builders and homeowners are striving to attain in today’s more environmentally conscientious world?

Judith Martin, founder and president of Green Home Consulting, explained that a green home is fundamentally one that’s energy efficient–and thus environmentally more responsible–but it’s also a home that’s inherently more comfortable. An energy-efficient home is one that’s free from drafts. There are no “cold rooms” in the winter, nor “hot rooms” in the summer…

Today, Martin’s consultancy is almost entirely devoted to smartly designing homes from the ground up, with green living as the overarching theme. She also does a good amount of work with homeowners on their gut-and-rebuild projects…

…To calculate true costs, a homeowner shouldn’t only look at the sticker price of the materials–the long-range cost savings for operating the more efficient home needs to be factored in, as well. That’s when the proverbial light bulbs go off when homeowners see these strategies as investments that reap a return over time, sometimes quickly.

…To make a green home–or a greener home–there is a hierarchy that Martin recommends. She suggests thinking of your home as an envelope, and the first goal is to seal it, making it as snug as possible.

“That’s your starting point, because that  will naturally conserve energy; you won’t need as much for heating and cooling,” she said. “

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