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Solving the Puzzle of Building a Green Home

“The Home Construction Puzzle: Making It Green” (click here for full article) was recently published in East Coast Home + Design magazine, excerpted here: “The project was…a chance for [the client] to fulfill another dream: a truly green home; a new home that would be healthy for the whole family as well as comfortable and energy efficient to benefit the environment and save operating costs. So they added Judy Martin of Green Home Consulting to the design team, unique, independent experts in incorporating green elements into homes under construction to achieve goals like increased energy efficiency, low toxicity from building materials and pure water without giving up the height of luxury…

Beautiful dream kitchen with green materials
Luxurious kitchen with green cabinets and purified water

…Constructing a home is like putting together a puzzle. Each choice is part of the framework and, once in place, determines how the next piece will fit…The key is to…recognize these inter-relationships so you achieve your green goals without blowing the construction budget. These choices will affect the life-long performance of the home and the comfort of the family that lives there…

…The first order of business was Green Home Consulting’s recommendations on insulation choices and its placement…Another key piece in the building envelope is the choice and design of new windows…Once the tightest  and best insulated roof, walls and basement were achieved, it was time to consider the heating, cooling and ventilation system…[The client chose] geothermal, which has several benefits like quiet operation and long-equipment life…

…A tight home with non-toxic insulation was a strong beginning to creating [a] non-toxic indoor environment…As the job progressed, many other green building materials were selected… The puzzle was beautifully constructed and the result is a luxurious and comfortable home that operates very efficiently.”


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