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Consider us your resource for all things green on a residential construction project. We support all styles and “shades of green” without relinquishing sophistication and luxury.

We join your design team and work with clients to
understand their healthy home and comfort objectives.

We join your design team and work with clients to
understand their healthy home and comfort objectives.

At our initial meeting with the client, we make a point to discuss any concerns about the financial impact of going green. A few building products require a somewhat higher capital investment but yield substantial operating savings. Others cost the same as traditional products but are less commonly used unless specified in the plans. If a product is chosen to avoid toxins, the benefits are measured in long term health, not dollars and cents.

WE become your


Our ideal is to join the design team at the outset, before schematics are produced, and to provide a green checklist of things to consider. This may raise new considerations before the process even begins. Once a schematic is chosen and plans and specs are underway, GHC can provide input to achieve the client’s green goals.

Clients have different “green” priorities. Some are solely focused on healthy homes, so we will provide lists and resources for green building materials using our database and if needed, subcontractors who can install those materials. “Healthy home” also includes water purification and the choice of water supply lines.

Those who are interested in maximizing comfort will be considering insulation tradeoffs, the pros and cons of different HVAC systems, and how to generate domestic hot water. Green considerations for maximum comfort include room zoning, handling of ductwork, window design and overall air sealing as well as sound attenuation. Smart home systems enabling wireless control of lighting, heating, cooling and even shades are on our list of ways to increase homeowner comfort.


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