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The design of your green home can reflect your style while making it into a healthy haven for you and your family.
Live in the home of your dreams. Eliminate drafts and cold or hot rooms. Surround yourself with quiet. Breathe clean air. We think the real question is "Why not green?"


Your water contains sediments, chlorine and chemicals. We recommend that you build a “tight” home to maximize comfort but that means it’s important to focus on what is being off-gassed into the indoor air by the building materials that are used to construct your home. There is an overwhelming amount of information in the news as well as “greenwash” and we can help you sort through it to create a healthier living space for you and your family.

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As these risks and exposures have been brought to the attention of homeowners, many take the opportunities presented by a construction project to improve indoor air quality. Steps taken include the choice of less toxic green building materials ranging from drywall to insulation to carpeting and everything in between. Green Home Consulting maintains a database of green materials in every category. Other steps on which GHC can advise include ventilation and maintenance measures that keep your home’s air cleaner.

INCREASE comfort

Your home is your sanctuary and where you welcome friends. You want everyone in the family, no matter how young or old, to be comfortable all the time, whether it’s a frigid day in winter or a hot, humid day in summer. There are many aspects of “comfort”, such as indoor temperature and humidity as well as air quality, and they may interrelate. Green Home Consulting can show you how green insulation choices affect heating and cooling equipment choices. Or how window design affects room temperature swings as well as drafts.

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Other aspects of comfort are noise and the availability of pure, hot water. GHC can help you design a quieter home with plenty of purified water. As green building materials are selected, we will point out the trade-offs as well as the opportunities to achieve multiple goals at once, depending on the product or system chosen.


Superinsulating represents a small additional percentage of the total cost of a home construction project, but it has been shown to be the best way to substantially increase comfort and keep out pollutants. You can eliminate cold drafts, reduce indoor summertime humidity and improve indoor air quality. Highly efficient windows further increase these benefits. We can show you how.

By looking at how all of the green building puzzle pieces work together, benefits can be optimized and incremental costs minimized while keeping your home comfortable year round.


Heating, cooling and hot water generating systems are the most important systems in your home for determining how comfortable you are all year round. The right decisions now will make all the difference. We can discuss pros and cons of different choices. Learn more.

Healthy community HEALTHY LIVING

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Our communities are filled with homes that were built 50 to 100 years ago. Chances are your home will be still be standing in the next 70 to 100 years.


Building your new home or renovating an existing home with integrated systems and components for healthier living and a healthier community is a smart choice for today and for tomorrow.

A green home has significantly less mold, mildew, and toxic chemicals in the air you breathe. Reduced dependence on fossil fuels promotes cleaner air in your community.

Building green gives you the opportunity to install systems so that your household water is free of chemicals and sediments and has a higher alkalinity.

A tight home constructed with green materials and a fresh air ventilation system will keep you comfortable year round.

With careful planning of plants and other foliage, green landscapes full of native plants require less water and harmful pesticides. They also can be designed to help reduce cooling and heating costs.

Controlling your home’s stormwater runoff reduces flooding, stream erosion, and water quality degradation. This translates into healthier local waterways.

Green homes tend to have better durability and require less maintenance.

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Give us a call or send us an email. We offer comprehensive green building consulting services, Including:

  • Window choices: Style, R and U values, installation techniques
  • Energy efficient lighting and appliances and other electrical
  • Sound abatement
  • Construction site meetings
  • Available utility and government financial incentives