Create an energy efficient green home that would suit three generations of family while remodeling and expanding without relinquishing elegance and style

GHC provided advice to the design team both before and after construction began.  Because of the clients’ focus on maximizing energy efficiency, advice addressed insulation choices and the building envelope of both the existing and new parts of the home, a geothermal heating and cooling system with high efficiency hot water generation and LED lighting. Insulation decisions considered that much of the existing home had balloon framing and shallower rafters than in newer construction.

Interior sound attenuation also was a consideration both because of the hobbies of the children and the elevator to the third floor for grandparents.  Green Home Consulting also advised on the use of green materials to achieve the clients’ objectives.

The family is very happy with their beautiful, luxurious home which is quiet, cozy and comfortable with annual utility bills that are lower than those of the home they left, even though it was smaller.